GlucoRx Nexus Blood glucose meters & FinePoint pen needles:


‘Nexus’ (TD-4277) meter

The Nexus meter (uses only ‘GlucoRx Nexus’ Test Strips and GlucoRx Lancets) is sleek, attractive and shines through diabetes testing with its large backlit screen. The machine is a quality and affordable product that facilitates simple management of diabetes with key features such as no coding, 0.5µL blood volume for a reaction in 5 seconds, before/after (AC/PC) presetable, painless AST, ketone warning, strip ejection facility, large non-deletable memory, day averages function, alarm reminders, discreet testing and PC software link for those seeking stress-free, fast, precise and reliable measurements. The device is particularly suitable for individuals with dexterity issues.

The Nexus Test Strips utilise advanced GDH-FAD enzyme technology which avoids interference from blood oxygen variations for more accurate blood glucose measurement, and has no reactivity to maltose in dialysis.


‘Nexus mini’ (TD-4287) meter

The Nexus mini meter (also uses only ‘GlucoRx Nexus’ Test Strips and GlucoRx Lancets) has all the benefits of the Nexus meter, but is smaller in size “for people on the go”.


‘Nexus Voice’ (TD-4280) meter 

The Nexus Voice meter (also uses only ‘GlucoRx Nexus’ Test Strips and GlucoRx Lancets) has the Nexus meter functionality yet TALKS, designed with visually impaired patients in mind.


All Nexus meters exceed the system accuracy requirements of ISO 15197:2013.


GlucoRx FinePoint Insulin Pen Needles

FinePoint pen needles (4mm/31g, 5mm/31g, 6mm/31g, 8mm/31g, 10mm/29g, 12mm/29g) have a universal fit on all insulin pen delivery devices. FinePoint uses Maxflow technology for reduced injection time, without fragmentation.




GlucoRx Safety Lancets

Sterile, single use pressure activated Safety lancets for comfortable blood sampling.  Four colour-coded lancet variants to suit every patient skin type.

Available on Prescription.

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GlucoRX Nexus Mini
GlucoRX Nexus Voice
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