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Merry Christmas From GlucoRx


Its been another great year for GlucoRX and would like to thank everyone who has been a part of it.

We are hoping more people will be using our products in 2018 especially the GlucoRx Allpresan which makes a great stocking filler or gift.

In 2018 we are  aiming to help more people and continue to produce products that make peoples lives easier.

Merry Christmas from the whole team at GlucoRX!

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GlucoRx supports Surrey Half Marathon

We are pleased to announce that GlucoRx will be our Commercial Partner for the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon.

GlucoRx is one of the UK’s leading Suppliers of Diabetes products to the NHS, with their head office based in Woking.

GlucoRx has staff based across the whole of the UK who provide training and equipment to the NHS for the treatment and management of Diabetes.

Chris Chapman, Sales Director for GlucoRx, commented “We are proud to be supporting the event as part of our commitment to community events in Woking where our head office is based, building on our aim to get people fit and healthier – Extending our commitment from the football pitches of Aldershot FC and Woking Tigers FC to the streets of Woking and far beyond, all the while raising money and profile for our good causes.”

GlucoRx has committed a team of over 30 runners for the half marathon from across the UK who will be raising money for the company’s nominated charities, and will be using GlucoRx Allpresan cream on their feet during their training preparations.

Last year GlucoRx’s team raised money for Health Amplifier (https://www.healthamplifier.org/) which transforms the lives of people living in extreme poverty by providing quality healthcare and community development. By empowering the locals to care for one another, we are achieving better health, diet and education.


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GlucoRx Grants

Reading this report and seeing all the good work that is being done by the Charity Health Amplifier with our support in improving the lives of the people of Kikavu brought me close to tears.
Such an amazing difference in such a short period of time.

I am really looking forward to the next 12 months and the construction of the new specialist diabetes care and a mother & child unit which we have fondly named internally as the Chris Chapman Centre – but in all seriousness, we can’t wait to see the finished building and the Legacy this will create for the people of Kikavu and others.

The report can be downloaded here.


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Can Mindfulness Help You Give Up Sugar?

We were interested to read recently about a trial conducted at the University of Minnesota looking at how easy, if possible at all, it was for a group of people to give up sugar in their coffee.

All the 127 participants (who didn’t have diabetes) were placed into three groups. These were randomly selected groups, each with a different aim. (more…)

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Woking Diabetes Company Expands To Develop CGM

GlucoRx has entered into a partnership with Inside Biometrics International Limited to develop a next-generation continuous glucose monitoring system.


Following funding constraints, Woking-based GlucoRx, has stepped in to provide finance and secure the future of the Dingwall, Scotland-based manufacturer and supplier of equipment for people with diabetes, in a move set to bring together the “perfect ingredients” which will allow the newly created organisation to develop the latest in continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM).


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GlucoRx Help To Fund Eight New Children’s Football Teams

Woking community leaders and one of the UK’s leading ethical medical equipment suppliers have combined to give local sport a shot in the arm by funding eight new football teams for children aged 5 to 18.


Maybury team Woking Tigers, a not-for-profit, volunteer-led club founded in 2010 which already runs three adult football teams, a cricket team and even a Twenty20 cricket league, can now give hundreds of local children the chance to stay fit and healthy thanks to the support of Woking Asian Business Forum, GlucoRx and Surrey County Council.


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GlucoRx Takes Fight Against Diabetes To The Supermarket Shelf

People with diabetes can now take steps to manage their condition at the same time as doing their weekly shop.


From September 1, supermarket giant Asda will stock the GlucoRx Nexus blood glucose meter and strips, in all of its 631 stores across the UK.


The Woking-based company launched its affordable meter for people with diabetes in 2010, allowing people with the condition to simply manage their diabetes. (more…)

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Healthy Snacking For Diabetes

We’re all prone to surges of hunger now and then, but for diabetics, it’s really important to be prepared. If we work from the assumption that hunger will strike out of nowhere every now and then, and have some ideas (and food) constantly to hand, then it will help avoid falling off the wagon and having to make up for it later.


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How The New Sugary Drinks Recipes Could Affect Diabetics

The Sugar Tax


For many years, campaigners have been working relentlessly to reduce the amount of sugar in soft drinks. It’s a move to prevent an obesity epidemic, with taxes for manufacturers who continue to produce what are considered to be ‘unhealthy’ products. However, on the flip side, these changes could have serious implications for diabetics, who have come to rely on drinks like Ribena and Lucozade to stave off a hypo.

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The Answer to Foot Complications in Diabetes

The GlucoRx Allpresan range of products is a real breakthrough in diabetic foot care.


According to a recent study by Diabetes UK, there are around 7,000 lower limb amputations in people with diabetes in England each year, and the likelihood that someone with diabetes will have a leg, foot or toe amputation is around 23 times that of a person without diabetes. They estimate that 2-2.5% of the diabetes population has an ulcer in any given week, around 60,000-75,000 people in England. (more…)

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