GlucoRx presents: Safety Lancets and Savings

GlucoRx offers a wide array of sharps – pen needles and lancets – including a safety sharps range. We prioritise the ease and safety of both healthcare professionals and patients, especially with our range of GlucoRx Safety Lancets. GlucoRx safety lancets come in 4 different sizes to suit every individual and couldn’t be easier to … Read more

GlucoRx’s very own gearing up for London Marathon

GlucoRx’s very own office manager, Hannah Gee, from Surrey is training to run the London Marathon for Diabetes UK in April 2024. Diabetes UK is a charity whose values of helping those with diabetes get access to medical devices and information about diabetes align with GlucoRx’s own values of giving those patients access to medical … Read more

Unlock Remarkable NHS Savings with GlucoRx Saver!

Calling all Healthcare Professionals! Your dedication to patient well-being is unmatched. Now, take a moment to discover how GlucoRx Saver can amplify your impact on the NHS budget! Embrace Savings: Discover More: Head over to and witness first-hand the substantial savings that can reshape NHS healthcare delivery. Your decision to explore GlucoRx Saver echoes your commitment to exceptional … Read more

GlucoRx announces world’s first Multi-Sensor Non-Invasive glucose monitoring 

GlucoRx and Cardiff University are set to bring out the world’s first multi-sensor non-invasive continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to herald a new era of needle-free monitoring for people with diabetes.  The GlucoRx BioXensor™   uses patented radio frequency technology alongside a multiple sensor approach to measure blood glucose levels every minute reliably, accurately, and non-invasively.   … Read more

Up the Shots

Chris Chapman, Chief Operating Officer at GlucoRx said: “Another football season has kicked off and GlucoRx are proud to be supporting local team Aldershot Town Football Club again through the 2022-23 season. We currently proudly sponsor the Aldershot Town FC youth team’s shirts, as well as the East Bank at the EBB Stadium. Our GlucoRx team … Read more

Who said managing diabetes was easy?

Who said managing diabetes was easy? Eating the right foods, taking exercise and checking blood sugar are essential for its effective management. But despite your commitment to managing the condition sometimes things just don’t add up. Many factors impact our blood sugar and we might not even be aware it. So, the next time you’re … Read more

Vitamin D and Diabetes can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Vitamin D and Diabetes (

Carbohydrate Gel Research

Back in the 1930s researchers found that when carbohydrate was ingested, sports performance was improved but the exact rational supporting this was unclear. Research developed, and new proposed fuelling strategies emerged. These new strategies suggested that when 30 grams of glucose was ingested per hour (g/hr), endurance performance increased and time to exhaustion was extended. … Read more

Diabetes & the Flu

Free flu jab reminder People with diabetes are reminded to protect themselves against the flu by taking up the offer of a free flu jab this autumn. Booking a flu jab is the best way to protect yourself against the flu. It reduces your risk of needing to go to hospital and is available to … Read more

Vitamin D – the underrated vitamin

To learn more about Vitamin D and diabetes click here As many as 1 in 5 people in the UK are thought to be deficient of Vitamin D and might not even realise. The underrated vitamin contributes to the healthy function of the immune system. It not only reduces the risk of diabetes, but protects … Read more

What is a Hypo & how to treat it.

What is a hypo? Hypoglycaemia (hypo) occurs when the level of sugar (glucose) in your blood  becomes too low (usually below 4mmol/l). Too much insulin or not enough food can bring on a hypo. Hypos can also occur while sleeping, which may wake you up during the night. You may wake feeling tired, experience a … Read more

Nutritionist provides Ramadan fasting advice

diabetes Ramadan

People with diabetes displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should avoid fasting during Ramadan, according to a nutritionist and Diabetes UK volunteer. Mistura Yusuf, a community champion and walk leader for public health at Brent Council, has delivered online presentations to mosques and charities to advise people with diabetes how to keep safe during Ramadan which runs … Read more