Control Solution Test

What is a Control Solution Test?

A Control Solution Test is a formula with a specified concentration of glucose which serves to check your meter is working correctly with your test strips.

Why do I need to do a Control Solution Test?

If you are getting unexpected results or if you believe that your meter is damaged, you can perform a Control Solution Test to check the functionality of your device. We advise you do a control solution test every time you open a new box of test strips.

Where do I get Control Solution?

A bottle of control solution is included within your meter kit. You can only obtain a free bottle of Control Solution from GlucoRx’s customer care team.

How do I complete a Control Solution Test?

Take out the small bottle of control solution from your meter kit.

Shake the bottle thoroughly.

Unscrew the lid.

Place the lid on a flat surface with the pointy side up.

Drip a single drop of control solution onto the tip of the inverted lid.

Wipe away the first drop.

Drip another single drop of control solution onto the tip of the inverted lid.

Take out a test strip and immediately close the vial lid so no other test strips are left exposed to the air/humidity for long.

Place this test strip inside the meter first.

Press the grey button on your meter until the words ‘QC’ appears. In this ‘Quality Control mode’, the QC reading will not be recorded as this is just for testing purposes.

Touch the tip of the test strip onto the control test solution drop at a 45° angle so a very small amount of the solution gets sucked up the test strip.

The QC reading will be calculated automatically and then displayed on the meter screen. If the reading falls within the allowed QC range stated on the test strip pot label, then the meter and strips are functioning correctly together. If however the results fall outside of these boundaries, then we suggest you repeat the QC test with another vial of test strips. If you require further support, please contact GlucoRx.

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