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Tubeless Insulin Pump with Bluetooth Controller
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GlucoRx’s tubeless insulin pump allows a flexible lifestyle with remote monitoring of 24 hour glucose control.

Innovative Pump

⁃ See-through 200U insulin reservoir
⁃ Only 12mm thin
⁃ Reattachable
⁃ Disposable infusion set and insulin reservoir

Precise Insulin Delivery

Daily Insulin Delivery image

⁃ Bolus and basal delivery step size as small as 0.025U.
⁃ Bolus from the pump or PDA.

Data Management

⁃ From an easy-to-use PDA, that incorporates a glucometer.

24 hour glucose control

24hr glucose control


Tubeless pump

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Flexible lifestyle

Flexible lifestyle

Comfortable to wear

Comfortable to wear

Easy-to-use PDA

Easy-to-use PDA

Safe and reiable

Safe and reliable

Eliminate injections

Eliminate injections

Basal rate 0.025 – 35U/h (programmed in increments of 0.025U/h)
Basal programs3 Basal Programs, each with 48 time segments
Maximum basal rate 0.1-35U/h, Default: 1.5U/h
Temporary basal rateU/h or % of basal rate, last 3 basal rates remembered, Default is off
Bolus Size0.025U-25U, 3 Presets
Bolus increment0.025/0.05/0.1/0.5/1U, Default: 0.1U
Max bolus size1-25U (programmed in 1U increments)
Extended bolus Programmed in U or % of total bolus
Extend time: 0.5-8 hours in increments of 0.5 h
Quick bolusOn/Off
Quick bolus increment0.1-2U


Coming Soon*

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