GlucoRx presents: Safety Lancets and Savings

GlucoRx offers a wide array of sharps – pen needles and lancets – including a safety sharps range. We prioritise the ease and safety of both healthcare professionals and patients, especially with our range of GlucoRx Safety Lancets.

GlucoRx safety lancets come in 4 different sizes to suit every individual and couldn’t be easier to use.

To use our safety lancets, you only need to follow three steps. Firstly, twist off the small white cap and remove. Then push the safety lancet against your finger or test site until the needle piercing is activated by the pressure. The used needle will retract back and be kept safely inside the casing to prevent finger stick injuries. Finally, dispose of the safety lancet in a sharps container.

The concealed needle helps healthcare professionals or other users avoid finger stick injuries after testing, which in turn reduces risk of contamination and infection.

The Pip codes for the GlucoRx Safety Lancet range are:

  • 23G/2.2mm – 394-8742
  • 26G/1.8mm – 394-8759
  • 28G/1.8mm – 394-8767
  • 30G/1.6mm – 395-8063

Swapping to GlucoRx Safety Lancets isn’t just a smart choice to keep you safe. At GlucoRx, one of our aims is to save the NHS, and you, as much money as possible when prescribing. Wondering how?

GlucoRx Saver is our healthcare professional dedicated website, showing you in one easy place how much money you could save by prescribing GlucoRx products. Sign up today at and see how much you can save on our safety lancets and much, much more.

Visit GlucoRx Saver, explore our range of saving and product options, and see how much money you can save today.