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Compact, user-friendly meter with enhanced functionality:

The GlucoRx Vivid Blood Glucose Meter is a quality, cost effective device that facilitates easy management of diabetes with key functions such as 0.7µL blood sample for results in 5 seconds, AC/PC meal markers, AST, large non-deletable memory and PC software link for reliable measurements.

The GlucoRx Vivid Test Strips utilise advanced GDH-FAD enzyme technology which avoids interference from blood oxygen variations for more accurate blood glucose measurement and have no reactivity to maltose in dialysis.

GlucoRx Vivid meter uses only GlucoRx Vivid Test Strips and GlucoRx Lancets

The GlucoRx Vivid starter kit includes a meter with batteries, 10x glucose test strips, control solution, lancing device, 10x sterile lancets, instruction manuals, monitoring diary, warranty card & protective carry case.

  • Conforms to Accuracy requirements of ISO 15197:2015
  • No coding
  • GDH-FAD enzyme technology
  • 35-60% haematocrit range
  • 0.7μL blood sample for result in 5 seconds
  • Measurement range 1.1 – 33.3mmol/L
  • Backlit screen
  • AC/PC meal markers
  • Alternative Site Testing (AST)
  • Four alarms
  • Discreet testing
  • Stores 450 non-deletable readings with day averages
  • PC link for results download
  • PIP Code for GlucoRx Vivid Test Strips: 418-9072
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