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GlucoRxtra January 2020

  1. Five ways to better manage diabetes in the New Year: While the new year is a great time to reflect, reset and set new goals, making resolutions can also be stressful Read more [news-medical.net]

2. Why diabetes sufferers need to watch their mental health: Being diagnosed with diabetes can cause feelings of guilt and frustration, and lead to anxiety and depression Read more [SCMP.com]

3. Dr Ellie Cannon: Has diabetes put my sex drive into reverse?: I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago and have seen a significant decrease in my sex drive since Read more [Daily Mail]

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4. Almost 90,000 patients complete national diabetes prevention programme: NHS England has reported that after the national roll-out of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, those taking part have lost [Read more pharmatimes]

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5. FDA approves Control-IQ artificial pancreas system: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved an artificial pancreas system [Read more news-medical.net/]

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6. Vegan diet slashes risk of life-threatening diseases: A vegan diet could help cut the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular Read more [scotsman.com]

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7. The impact of artificial intelligence in screening for diabetic retinopathy: Diabetic retinopathy (DR), a morbid microvascular complication of diabetes, affects one in three people Read more [nature.com]

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GlucoRxtra December 2019

1.Diabetes at Christmas: The InDependent Diabetes has produced
a handy guide on how to cut calories and carbohydrates this Christmas.
Read more [iddt.org]

2. Pakistan ranked fourth in the world for diabetes prevalence: Pakistan is ranked
fourth in the world for diabetes prevalence, so there is a dire need to take emergency
steps for the control and prevention of the ‘silent killer’.
Read more [GEO.TV]

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Hypo Awareness Week 2019

We are pleased to announce that we are supporting a national campaign to raise awareness of a short-term complication of diabetes – Hypo Awareness Week.

Hypo Awareness Week is a seven-day campaign to raise awareness about, and reduce episodes of, hypoglycaemia, and will run from Monday, September 30, to Sunday, October 6, 2019.

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Aldershot Town F.C. & GlucoRx

Another football season has kicked off and we, GlucoRx, are proud to be supporting local team Aldershot Town Football Club again through the 2019-20 season.

Who are Aldershot Town FC?

Aldershot Town Football Club, also known as ‘The Shots’, were formed on 22nd April 1992. They play in the Vanarama National League (the fifth tier of English football) and are managed by Danny Searle. Aldershot Town play their home games at the EBB stadium, wearing a red and blue home kit and black and yellow away kit. The club has a blue badge featuring a phoenix, which is also the character for the club mascot.

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Study Shows Patients Prefer Revolutionary Foot Foam Moisturisers to Creams & Lotions

Back in 2016, we partnered with Neubourg Skin Care to bring a new urea based foot foam cream to the UK market – GlucoRx Allpresan®- . There are now thousands of patients with diabetes regularly using GlucoRx Allpresan as part of their daily regimen to reduce the risks of them developing a diabetic foot ulcers, So what exactly is it that makes our foam so great?

Why Foam?

While urea-based products are highly effective at preventing calluses (dry skin) on the feet of patients with diabetes, one of the main problems with some of these creams and lotions is that they can make the foot feel oily / greasy which in turn increases the risks of slips

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