Nutritionist provides Ramadan fasting advice

People with diabetes displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should avoid fasting during Ramadan, according to a nutritionist and Diabetes UK volunteer.

Mistura Yusuf, a community champion and walk leader for public health at Brent Council, has delivered online presentations to mosques and charities to advise people with diabetes how to keep safe during Ramadan which runs until May 23.

She said: “I am keen to promote the importance of good nutrition. I believe in the vision of Diabetes UK to create a world where diabetes can do no harm by raising awareness, promoting the facts and spreading the message of hope.”

Mistura recommends those displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should avoid fasting. She recommends people check their blood glucose more regularly and consume foods such as dhal and rice in meals as well as fruit and vegetables. Anyone breaking a fast should do so using small quantities of food. Sweet and fatty foods should be avoided.

Current social distancing measures mean worshippers with diabetes must not visit mosques.

She added: “It started when one of the mosques where I was going to do a face to face presentation suggested I did an online presentation. The good thing is that they already had a good network on national and international platforms. The word went round quickly and requests started coming in.”

Mistura, who has lost family members due to complications with diabetes, joined Diabetes UK as a volunteer 12 years ago.

Her latest presentation was delivered to the National Council of Nigerian Muslim Organizations (NCNMO) in America.

She added: “I really enjoy my work with Diabetes UK. I meet so many people from different walks of life.”

People with diabetes should consult their GP or diabetes nurse for information about fasting during Ramadan.


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