GlucoRx Insulin Pen Needles

GlucoRx FinePoint Insulin Pen Needles

GlucoRx CarePoint Insulin Pen Needles

GlucoRx Safety Insulin Pen Needles

FinePoint & CarePoint

Complete size range (100pcs): 4mm/31g, 4mm/32g Ultra, 5mm/31g, 6mm/31g, 8mm/31g, 10mm/29g, 12mm/29g.

PIP Codes for FinePoint: 4mm – 375-9255 | 4mm Ultra – 393-8966 | 5mm – 381-2674 | 6mm – 376-1582 | 8mm – 376-1590 | 10mm – 376-1608 | 12mm – 376-1681

PIP Codes for CarePoint: 4mm – 367-6582 | 4mm Ultra – 405-9143 | 5mm – 385-1979 | 6mm – 319-0550 | 8mm – 319-0568 | 12mm – 319-0576

Universal fit on all insulin pen brands including Eli Lilly®, Novo Nordisk AS®, Becton Dickinson®, Owen Mumford® and Sanofi®.

Pen needles are electropolished with high grade siliconisation for enhanced ease of injection.

They use MaxflowTM technology (extra thin wall allows maximum flow rate and reduced injection time) and so are anti-coring (no fragmentation).
Quality pen needles, with significant cost savings.

GlucoRx FinePoint insulin pen needles use 5 bevel needle tip Quintapoint technology (except 10mm and 12mm) which provides a higher level of comfortable injection to patients. The GlucoRx CarePoint range is 3 bevel.

Safety Pen Needles

Automatic safety shield cover protects needle tip after use

PIP Codes for Safety Pen Needles: 5mm – 402-7017 | 8mm – 402-7025

  • Helps to prevent accidental needle stick injury and reduce risk of cross infection.
  • Simple to use and compatible with all insulin pens.
  • Ultra-sharp, polished needles with thin wall allowing enhanced insulin flow which gives more comfortable injection.


GlucoRx pen needles have universal fit on all insulin pens – Click here to see our compatibility chart.

FinePoint pen needles have a 5 bevel needle tip and CarePoint is 3 bevel.

Bevel refers to the angled surface which is created when a needle tip is sharpened to improve gliding/penetration through skin for a more comfortable injection.

GlucoRx FinePoint, CarePoint and Safety pen needles are single use only and cannot be reused, for safe discarding in a sharps bin after.

These Safety Pen Needles have a front automatic safety shield cover which protects the needle tip after use, helping to prevent accidental needle stick injury during injection / disposal and also reduces the risk of cross infection.

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