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GlucoRx provides its users with all the tools to manage their diabetes in the simplest way possible. We have smartphone apps for Iphone/Android users and desktop applications for Microsoft Windows users.

GlucoRx Voyager

GlucoRx Voyager is an all in one health management system compatible with GlucoRx and GRx Diagnostic devices for easy health data management and analysis. 

Track your blood glucose trends

Gain insight into your diabetes health

GlucoRx Voyager For Windows

GlucoRx Voyager for Windows allows you to collect your readings from a Microsoft Windows PC or Laptop for analysis via the GlucoRx Voyager online portal or the Voyager app for smart phones.

GlucoRx Voyager for Windows is compatible with:

  • GlucoRx Nexus Blood Glucose Meter
  • GlucoRx Nexus Mini Ultra Blood Glucose Meter
  • GlucoRx HCT Meter (Glucose only)
  • GlucoRx Q Blood Glucose Meter
  • GlucoRx Nexus Voice Blood Glucose Meter

Easily export your readings to a PDF to share with your healthcare professional.​

If you require a USB cable, they are free of charge and can be ordered by clicking here:

GlucoRx Voyager For Smart Phones

GlucoRx Voyager for smart phones works with GlucoRx and GRx Diagnostics Bluetooth devices for collecting readings from your devices. The Data can be analysed via the app or through the GRx Voyager Portal through any web browser.

GlucoRx Voyager for Apple and Android is compatible with: 

  • GlucoRx Nexus BLUE Blood Glucose Meter
  • GlucoRx Mini Ultra Blood Glucose Meter (when used with GlucoRx Bluetooth Dongle)
  • GRx Blood Pressure Monitor  
  • GRx Forehead Thermometer Pro
  • GRx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • GRx Weight Scale

Document your medical history and manage all of your vitals in one place.

GlucoRx Legacy Software

GlucoRx Voyager has replaced the GlucoRx Healthcare system software. We will continue to support this software for users who do not wish to upgrade to Voyager.

GlucoRx HealthCare Management System is a Windows-based software program (currently incompatible with Apple Mac) that provides a simple way to review and evaluate your blood glucose levels. This application enables you to upload and store test data from the GlucoRx meters onto your home PC – interface cable can be requested from GlucoRx Customer services by calling 01483 755133 – so you can analyse the measurements by graphs and other tools (trends and statistics are presented)

Software Downloads

Please click on the link to install the Software programme.

GlucoRx Nexus, Nexus mini, Nexus mini ultra, Nexus Voice, GlucoRx Pearl, GlucoRx Q and GlucoRx HCT meters

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