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InsulCheck Classic


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Please make sure you select the right Insulin Pen. GlucoRx will not be able to exchange any open box of InsulCheck Classic


Product Description

Ever forgotten if you injected your last dose?
InsulCheck Classic helps you remember how long ago you completed your last injection. No more doubt. It brings a new level of freedom for those who want to take control of their diabetes management.

Simply clip-on the smart accessory to your existing delivery pen.

Starts timing immediately after dose completion.

Small, light & nonintrusive pen accessory.

Replaceable Battery
User-replaceable battery without detachment.

Temperature Warning
Indicates exposure to extreme highs/lows.

Insulcheck works just like a stopwatch – showing the time elapsed since last injection.

UK Only Service: Next Day if ordered before 2pm. Price: £4.98
EU Only Service: 5-7 Working Days. Price: £12.50
Outside EU: Australia, New Zealand& United States of America Service: 5-7 Working Days. Price: £12.50
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