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GlucoRx Subscription Service

The GlucoRx subscription service is simple and easy to use. Choose the meter that best suits your needs, then choose a plan with the amount of supplies you need. The plans are charged and delivered two or four times in a 12 month period, and the year’s supplies are split over the two or four deliveries.

Subscription Service FAQ

It all depends on your needs. Our Nexus meter is a perfect all round meter for testing blood glucose. if you prefer something a little smaller with the same functionality, we recommend the Nexus Mini Ultra. For people with poor eye sight, we suggest the Nexus voice – this meter will give audio feedback on your blood glucose reading. Those with Type 1 diabetes should use the GlucoRx HCT meter which measures both blood glucose and ketones.

We offer a quarterly plan and annual plan. The quarterly plan runs over one year which is charged and delivered every 3 months and automatically continues onto the following year unless cancelled. The annual plan is charged once a year and continues unless cancelled.

3 months from opening; we have provided space on the bottle label for you to write the date you opened it on.

Please contact us and we will send you a compatible USB cable. The software is available on our website.

Results from the meters are plasma calibrated from whole blood.

E-6 means the batteries are running low and need replacing. Please contact GlucoRx Customer Care and they will send you batteries free of charge.

The newer GlucoRx meters do not have a memory deletion function. Once the memory is full, the last result disappears with every new result that is added.

To reduce the chance of infection, never share a lancet or the lancing device with others. Always use a new, sterile lancet that is in date as they are disposable and intended for single use only.

GlucoRx Nexus and HCT Glucose Test Strips – close the vial immediately after taking out a strip. Use each test strip immediately after taking it out of the vial. Do not use the test strips if they have expired (the expiry date is printed on the strip label/box and can be up to 18 months from Manufacture).

GlucoRx HCT Ketone Test Strips – have 18 months expiry, or until the individual foil packed is opened.

To avoid these diabetic products getting dirt, dust or other contaminants, wash and dry your hands thoroughly before use.

Meter exterior – wipe with a cloth moistened with tap water or a mild cleaning agent (not organic solvents), and then dry with a soft cloth.

Lancing device (this is reusable) – use a mild soap and water to clean the lancing device; do NOT rinse under water, use detergents or place in a dishwasher. Disinfect the AST cap before allowing to air dry.

Registered GlucoRx users are eligible for free/spare batteries, bottles of TaiDoc control solution, blood glucose monitoring diaries, PC link cables, AST caps, lancing devices, carry case, instruction manuals upon request through www.glucorx.co.uk, or by phoning GlucoRx Customer care on 01483 755133.

Feel free to request via GlucoRx Customer care by telephoning 01483 755133 or e-mailing orders@glucorx.co.uk.

GlucoRx is committed to ensuring that your meter(s) and testing requirements are fulfilled and covered by a lifetime warranty.

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